Personal Prepardness

Prepare your mind

Emergencies are scary and stressful. And most people under a lot of stress don’t think as clearly as usual, affecting their decisions and reactions. This stress can also affect their recovery.

So, the first step to help you cope with your responses and those of others is prepare your mind. You may have been through emergencies before. Think about how you felt then. What would you do again?, What would you do differently? This is helpful to preparing your mind to remain calm, and make good decisions. We know from research that this leads to lower stress and fast recovery.

There are three simple actions to take to get your mind prepared for the stress of an emergency; to be able to anticipate, identify and manage beforehand how you and your family are likely to feel, think and respond in an emergency.

Here are some useful tips to help do just that.

Red Cross – Prepare your Mind

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