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Observations of Nature | Nicole Jakins – Artist Profile

Tucked away in a tranquil bush setting on the southern reaches of the Fraser Coast you can find local artist Nicole Jakins creating in her studio. Inspired by nature, it is easy to see why Nicole chose to establish her studio among the abundant flora and fauna of her rural property.

Having always lived in the bush, Nicole immerses herself in the natural environment. “You feel like part of the wider landscape and everything around you,” she explains.

“When you are living in the bush, it is easy to be an observer” – Nicole Jakins

Nicole is currently exploring her surrounding landscapes and experimenting with the techniques inspired by the Wallum country around Poona, Woodgate and the Cooloola Coast. Informing her two-dimensional work, Nicole has taken visual references from the native plants she discovers. With additional support of a Regional Arts Development Fund grant, Nicole’s research for ‘A Quiet Gentle Project’ will lead to works and solo exhibition at Gatakers Artspace in 2023.

Attending university at the same time as her artist mother, Nicole had great ambitions of learning how to paint. It was after being taught to weld in a sculptural elective that Nicole fell in love with the three-dimensional form and went on to major in sculpture.

Though much of Nicole’s present time is consumed with the ‘A Quiet Gentle Project’, she continues her love of sculpture and nature through her popular artisan jewellery.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, you can find Nicole’s creations at Gatakers Artspace or online at

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