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Remembering Dorothy Hall

Dorothy Hall (1931-2013) was a significant local artist. The enchanting detail of her work garnered a dedicated group of supporters and a steady stream of commissions.

Neighbour and friend for over twenty years, fellow artist Robyn Gergos remembers Dorothy as an artist whose work always had an environmental message:

‘Nature was Dorothy’s life. Her husband Max was a botanist and he was incredibly supportive of her arts practice – cleaning, cooking, and maintaining the gardens on their two acre property. The gardens were established after they moved to the property, with feature areas such as a cactus garden, edible garden and Australian native garden.  Their house was like a bird’s nest within this.

Whatever Dorothy was doing in life was somehow related to her artwork. She had her drawing desk, full of paints and brushes, for example, set up under a skylight in an area between the kitchen and dining area.

The process of her work was absolutely amazing. She could create a beautiful artwork from a single sprig taken from the garden. Mainly working in acrylic using a water colour technique, she always started with the subject first. I used to see her work regularly and watched the paintings come to life.’

Summing up the compelling charm and distinction of Dorothy’s work Robyn notes:

“You can’t see it all at a glance. I think every time you look at her work, you see something different.”

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