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Rekindle the Campfires

When Jon Vea Vea first set foot on his Cobble Cobble country around ten years ago, he walked the weathered earth his ancestors had walked before him and had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. His story now had a beginning and an ending and as long as the sky was above him and the earth below, he was finally whole.

The incredible journey sparked a flow of words, an outpouring of emotion in the form of lyrics and Jon composed a body of work he travelled across Queensland.  The tour titled “Music From My Soul” included a heartfelt song “Through My Grandfather’s Eyes” and tells of his loss and reconnection to his late grandfather, a love song to his people.

Jon is a born storyteller. A singer songwriter with velvety, rich tones in his voice and an uncanny way of connecting with his audience. As frontman for his band, cleverly named Cobblestone, a nod to his family who make up the group, he sings a mixture of Aussie classics and music that evokes memories and nostalgia for his listeners.

With a kind heart and an acceptance of all people, no matter how their life’s circumstances have left a mark on the world, he believes that everyone has a story to tell.  Jon is an ardent advocate for cultural understanding and yearns for healing and reconciliation of all Australians.  His warmth and authenticity echoes through his vocal chords and beckons the listener to dig deep and feel a sense of belonging, joy and happiness.

It is this peaceful nature that has guided Jon to write his current collection of storytelling lyrics in an upcoming show called “Rekindle the Campfires”, a narrative of events of Indigenous Australians and the westerners who first arrived on the First Fleet and struggled in their own journey.  His compassion and empathy for all rings through the lyrics and evokes a sense of humanity and oneness.

Jon is the salt of the earth, a seasoned poet who weaves his magic through music and welcomes a uniting of all people, and through the eyes of his grandfather, he holds his head high, proud of his own story.

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