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Meet the Drama King

Story: April Spadina | Photo: Cody Fox

In a small, dimly lit beachside café on the Esplanade, Matthew King sipped his cup of tea and hatched a plan. This was the moment musical theatre company Macabre Theatre was born.

Matthew is a fiercely passionate and accomplished director, producer and actor who has gained recognition for his commitment to performing arts in South East Queensland. He started his life in performing arts by volunteering at Z-Pac Theatre and by the age of twenty-one he had landed a presidential role, quickly becoming the youngest life member ever to be inducted in to the theatre. In his earlier career Matthew focused on behind the scenes roles such as technical manager, set designer, lighting and costume creator before discovering his love of directing and eventually stepping out from behind the curtain and embracing small cameo acting roles in his productions.

In 2016 Matthew took a huge risk and decided to think big. Up until this time the theatre performances had been held in school halls, but Matthew knew Macabre was ready for more. The sell-out production of “Grease” at the Brolga Theatre tipped the scales and Matthew realised his beloved theatre company was more than just a hobby.

When the entertainment industry suddenly ground to a halt as a result of Covid-19, Matthew knew he needed to support his struggling arts workers. Never one to back down from a challenge, this created an opportunity for Matthew to think outside the box. With a team of willing participants and backing from Fraser Coast Regional Council with a RADF grant “Broadway by the Bay” was created. The larger-than-life outdoor theatre production took place at Seafront Oval and was the first of its kind, bringing life to a struggling community in the form of the arts.

Macabre Theatre is about to celebrate it’s ten year anniversary and for Matthew, it only seems right that they go full circle with a production of the first stage show Macabre ever performed – Peter Pan. With a strong sense of community and an advocate for inclusivity, Matthew’s moral compass is firmly rooted in Macabre Theatre Company and with his encouragement and support, Matthew sees a bright future for his beloved theatre and his Macabre family.

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