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A sense of belonging

Artist Profile: Jo Williams

Story and Photos: Nicole Duyst

From her studio in Howard, Jo creates mixed media artworks that spark conversation and invoke contemplation. A self-described primitive artist, Jo’s works are inspired by her own experiences and her deep connection to nature.

“I arrived on the Fraser Coast eleven years ago and through a series of events found my home in Howard, already complete with an artist’s studio. It was as if this home had been waiting for me all my life.

“When I step through the portal to my studio, I lose track of time and I am transported into an intuitive space from which I create.”

Strong connections to the Fraser Coast Arts community have played an important role in the development of Jo’s arts practice. From her first exhibition at Gatakers Artspace ten years ago, Jo connected with the Fraser Coast arts community and felt welcomed and supported. This sense of belonging has enabled Jo to create from a space of openness and vulnerability. Many of her works share her own personal story of overcoming alcoholism, revealing how creativity has helped her to heal. Jo facilitates workshops from her ‘art cave’ where she teaches others to share their feelings and experiences through creativity.

“From the moment I arrived in the Fraser Coast, I felt a deep sense of belonging.

“Being able to exhibit at Gatakers Artspace and the support I have received have helped me grow my arts practice and find a community of fellow artist and friends that have enriched my life. We have so many talented artists here and I am glad to work among them.”

Jo is a prolific artist and is currently working on her next exhibition. Her work continues to inspire audiences and encourages viewers to find the meaning in their own story.

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