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A life full of drama

Performer Profile: Tim Holstein

Local performer, producer, director and educator, Tim Holstein was compelled to live a life full of drama and share his passion with the community.

Tim found his creative spark when helping his older sister practise her lines for a school play. “I remember how cool she looked being a complete other human. She was so confident putting on this bravado and I knew I wanted to do that.”

There weren’t many creative activities in his hometown in rural New South Wales until an exceptional teacher started a dance and drama club at school. Tim joined, found his passion, and went on to seek every opportunity he could to perform.

Moving to Maryborough in his teens, Tim performed in his first community musical, as a Knife Grinder and Policeman in ‘Oliver’ at the Brolga Theatre.

The Last Collection

Tim (right) as part of the cast of The Last Collection, an immersive theatre experience held at The Story Bank in July 2022. 

Tim discovered a holistic approach to performing during his studies at Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Theatre and Dramaturgy. He learnt not only acting, but also sound, lighting, set building, costume design and the development and creation of theatre.

Forging a career in writing and directing community engagement projects, some of his successes include the critically acclaimed ‘Safety Circus’ and ‘CHOICES!’, both which toured to hundreds of schools and community centres.

Tim continues to teach and create on the Fraser Coast as a Producer and Company Director at Accent Theatre Company, a member of the Z-Pac Theatre and has directed community musicals such as ‘Wicked’. Most recently, Tim was an Explorer in ‘The Last Collection’.

Partially funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund, ‘The Last Collection’ provided Tim the opportunity to work alongside other professionals to develop an immersive theatre experience for children at The Story Bank.

“Sometimes people need something extra to get them to participate. Immersive theatre engages children to not just watch but actively take part in the performance. It’s great to see people explore a place in a whole new way.”

Tim’s advice for emerging artist,

“Make yourself the most useful person you can be. Learn a little bit about everything else. The more skills and knowledge you have, the more work you’re going to get and the more useful, all‑rounded artist you’re going to be.”

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